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A new way of transport

The electronic step that symbolizes a new wave of sustainable city transportation

Vesper is the electric step that meets all the needs of modern transportation.

This revolutionary step brings you to all urban destinations effortlessly in an ecologically friendly manner. Daily traffic frustrations become a thing of the past.

Vesper reaches a speed up to 18km/h, has a radius of 30km and uses kinetic energy recovery (K.E.R.S.) to reload its battery while using the break.

Premium Rush

Your commute was never this much fun. With smooth braking, powerful electric motors, and simple controls, the Vesper step is an amazing riding experience.

Eco Friendly

With the Vesper step you have a positive impact on the environment. You can really change something about your own carbon footprint by using the step for your daily commute.

Money Saver

The Vesper step is almost a free ride. The light-weighted battery keeps your step rolling beyond 30 kilometres. 1 EURO will drive you more than 600 kilometres.

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Bold, Flexible, Robust.

Vesper features a beautiful design that enables a modern way of transportation.

Extremely Light

Portable on the bus, subway, train …

Balanced Ride

High quality materials to ensure a smooth ride.


People who love Vesper

  • Quickly pick up some groceries at the supermarket or pay a visit to friends? Vesper. Its fun2Go!

    — Eva
  • I had to buy a second one since my kids are crazy about ‘their’ Vesper.

    — Lorenz
  • I love my Vesper! I’m considering buying a second one for my family.

    — Jean-Marie Salmon
  • Thanks to my Vesper I’m always on time for a meeting in the city!

    — Ingrid Richards
  • I became an addict! All my parking problems are solved. Now I’m always ‘on time.

    — Luc Schuit

Premium rush, ultimate control.

Designed to gently operate your daily commute.

Ergonomic Controls

Symmetrical mounted throttle and brake levers for thumb control.

Applauded Design

Perfect handeling, great acceleration.

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